Bad drivers

The weather’s getting nicer…….and I really need to remember when my Sunroof is open and the windows are down, people can hear me when I swear at them.
Seriously though – why are some people such IDIOTS.
I was driving to the gym (or trying to drive to the gym), but going two miles from my office [...]

Frequency and Duration of Workouts

One question people ask me is how many days a week I workout, and for how long each day.

I go to the gym, run or bike between four to six days a week.  How often I go – and what I do -  depends on what I’m trying to accomplish Fitness-wise, and how my body [...]

Have we been misled?

Have television, fashion magazines, and MTV help instill us with the wrong criteria for a mate and ourselves?

Breakdowns and break-ups are inescapable, but can we avoid falling into the same traps over and over again?
Someone once told me our actions can be written down into a group of patterns. If that’s true, why do [...]