Mirror mirror on the wall….

In 2008, over Ten Million Cosmetic Procedures were performed in the United States. which equals an awful lot of Botulism and Saline being shoved in and tons of late night pizza runs being sucked out of humans.
As most of those people were Married or partnered with someone, it makes me wonder ….exactly how important are [...]

Do I look Fat in this? How about now?

There are plenty of magazine articles telling women how to turn men on (…are men really that complicated in this regards?).  One topic which doesn’t seem to be covered nearly enough is How to Turn Men Off.
Women will often focus on physical / superficial things they think might turn men off, like being five pounds [...]

Dirty Deeds

Making Whoopie…..Bopping…..Doing the Deed……Hitting a Homerun…..Slipping ‘em the high hard one……
There are hundreds of euphemisms for sex.  The real question is, how Sexually Compatible do you need to be in a relationship?
In my opinion, to avoid issues in the bedroom, you should pair up with someone who wants the same things you do (sexually, that [...]

History 101 ?

Exactly how much you should tell your new partner about your Past?  And if it’s truly in the grand old Archives of your life, should it even matter to your current S.O. (Significant Other) ?
Granted, there are some things which should always be divulged at the beginning of a new relationship:
1. Previous Marriage(s) – The [...]

Is there just one “Right One”, or more?

I’m wondering if there’s only one right person for everyone, or more than just one?
People sometimes say “When you meet The One, you’ll just know”.  But what does that mean for men and women who met the right person, got Married, and are now Divorced?  Or how about people who thought they’ve met the right [...]

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