Over 30 and Divorced or Single – Which is better?

This is (mostly) a post from earlier in my Blogging Days, but wanted to give it another Special Guest Star appearance after I spoke with someone who told me he “Wasn’t surprised his Ex Girlfriend was still unmarried at 41, because she was Nuts”.
I should mention he’s Married, but cheated on his Wife with [...]

A Guy’s Opinion: Why do men look at other Women?

You might be on a first date, out with your boyfriend or husband, or just hanging with your male friend when you notice him ogling another woman. His behavior may seem wrong in so many ways that you’re not sure if you can actually count them all.
As you’re watching him stare, your head may be [...]

Does Porn have a place in romantic relationships?

With Jenna Jameson a household name, the Internet a smorgasbord of any X-rated image you can possibly imagine (and some you can’t…or don’t want to), and Tracy Lords having made her way into mainstream movies, Pornography has become a small part of our everyday lives.
But should Porn have any place in romantic relationships?
Lots of couples [...]

Should you get involved with a Married man or woman?

Most people agree finding the right man or woman can be more difficult than winning one of those gigantic stuffed animals in a game at a County Fair.
Since it can be such a challenge, sometimes people stray into territory they thought they’d never consider and get involved with someone Married.
Is it a good idea?  What if you’re [...]

Jerks and Psychos

“My ex wife was completely nuts, and so was the last woman I dated!”
“All my boyfriends have been total Jerks…all of them!”
You may want to be cautious of people who classify almost everyone they’ve dated as ‘Jerks’ or ‘Psychos’.
(Just to clarify…men’s Exs typically get the ‘Nuts’ or ‘Psycho’ Label, and a woman’s Ex gets [...]

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