Do NOT do this on a First Date, Part 2

As a follow up to my previous post (What not to do on a First Date, Part 1), and inspired by Kelly’s bad date story, this is the second list of recommended things to avoid doing on a First Date:

Oversharing – Unless you met each other at some kind of “Anonymous” Meeting (Alcoholics, Narcotics, Glue [...]

What not to do on a First Date, Part 1

After reading a really bad date story on Kelly’s site, I was inspired to re-post some things to avoid doing on First Dates to help ensure you actually get a Second Date.
So many men and women are trying to find someone they desperately love – and who loves them back – but some people’s love [...]

Sexless Relationships

As many of you know from my earlier posts, I believe sex is an extremely important part of any romantic relationship.
That being said, apparently 40 million Americans are currently in Sexless Marriages (in case you’re wondering, to qualify as “sexless” couples are only having sex 10 times a year or less).  That number doesn’t include [...]

Food for your Libido

Whether we want to admit it or not, sex plays an important part in any romantic relationship.
Since we want to help keep your proverbial home fires burning, here are some foods to eat – and some to avoid – which will help your sex drive, and overall attraction, for each other stay high.

Increased Energy
Eat: Sirloin [...]

Once trust is lost, can you get it back?

Your Significant Other calls to apologize…..they have to work late and they won’t be home until after 11:00pm. After you hang up, you can’t shake the nagging feeling something isn’t quite right, but you can’t put your finger on it.
So you decide to do something you thought only stalkers with human heads in their fridge [...]

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