What do men think about Breast Implants?

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Perhaps its where I’m looking but it seems that wherever we look, we are barraged with images of thin Barbie-like models with large implanted breasts.

Although very thin bodies with large chests very rarely happen in real life, magazines, billboards, models, and Victoria’s Secret catalogs have made this body type the expected ideal. Even clothing ads are increasingly showing less and less clothing and looking more and more like the artificial, airbrushed magazine covers.

After endless inundation of these images, it’s easy to see how so many people develop feelings of inadequacy. From the impression women receive from movies and magazines, I certainly understand how women might feel that men find it necessary to have a girlfriend with DD breasts and a 21-inch waist. However, I can assure you that this is not the case.

Much like people prefer real grass over Astroturf, there are numerous studies indicating that men prefer the look and feel of natural breasts to silicone. Both Astroturf and fake breasts look great from a distance and on TV but neither has the look and feel up close that men want to play on.

What are you really after?

Before you undergo this procedure, I would suggest you think long and hard about what you hope your implants will accomplish for you. Implants are probably not going to bring you much closer to what you really want.

If you want more male attention, implants may increase the quantity but there will be corresponding decrease in quality. You’ll get your biggest gains in approval among guys who are most prone to objectifying you, and less prone to treating you as their equal.

If you want to feel more sexy, the way to do it is to start appreciating the body you’ve have. If your mindset toward your body is negative, no change of appearance will ever eliminate that! If you think it will, you end up chasing an illusion.

If you’re in the habit of always finding fault with your body, you will never run out of faults to find. It’s a trap and breast augmentation won’t get you out of it.


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The author, Steve, is a 40 year old successful Entrepreneur who lives in the northeast with his wife of seven years and two beautiful children.  Steve is an amateur Triathlete who also believes he has a fantastic sense of humor, although this last part is still up for public debate.


17 Responses to “What do men think about Breast Implants?”
  1. Christopher says:

    I’d have to agree with this article.

    It would sort of be like if men commonly got penile implants, but they didn’t function exactly the same, and didn’t feel quite natural.

    Yeah, at first it might seem pretty good…but in actuality, it wouldn’t be so cool.

    Besides – most men who like implants (or really big boobs for the most part) seem to be slightly lower caliber guys.

    I’d much rather have an athletic girl with firm B cups than someone with great big breasts who doesn’t even look classy….big boobs often seem to make someone look trashy, even if they’re not.

  2. AnnQ says:

    Christopher – Interesting take with noting if a lot of men got fake-feeling penile implants….I’ve never thought about it this way!

    I think the issue most women fall into is wanting to look like the women in magazines do.

    Recently I had an epiphany…there was a topless beach picture of a Victoria’s Secret Model, and she looks fantastic. however, her breasts were literally half as large as they looked in the magazine or runway show.

    What that tells me is the designers are padding / pushing-up the heck out of them, plus using great makeup on their cleavage to make them LOOK larger, even when they’re not.

    Although I may be naive, this was kind of a surprise to me.

  3. susans says:

    I find this somewhat fascinating….if fake breasts aren’t what men prefer, then why the advertising and societal pressures to have large breasts while being a Size Four or Two?

    I guess what I’m wondering about this is because something doesn’t seem to “fit”. If they don’t want Implanted women, then why compare the women in their lives to enhanced women in magazines?

  4. JackieK says:

    God, I hope men don’t prefer fake breasts! :-)

    I’ve had friends who’ve gotten it done, and they’ve all had issues with them….one friend’s breasts got rock hard, another had to have a follow up “fix it” surgery just one year after her original surgery because it was very painful.

    Funny, that even Carmen Elektra (your picture above) said in an interview she regretted getting her breasts enlarged years ago because of all the surgeries – plus she didn’t need it — and that she never should have done it.

  5. AnnQ says:

    Susan – Maybe advertising hasn’t changed because they’re trying to make people so obviously attractive….many things in movies or TV don’t seem to be middle of the road.

    What I mean is, people aren’t just well-off…they’re crazy Dynasty circa 1984 Rich”. People are never good-looking….they’re perfect, which is why Airbrushing is so popular. God forbid we see a pimple of tiny amount of “extra” fat on a model or actor.

    The illusion of perfection is also why so many actors freaked when HDTV came out…it shows all the flaws. They even invented a new makeup for HD, which helps hide any human-like imperfections.

    It’s sad everyone is being held to what is quite literally an unrealistic ideal, even for the people we think have those perfect features and who we try to emulate.

  6. AnnQ says:

    Jackie — Agreed! If something fake is preferred, I’d have to imagine the man wouldn’t want a real person, either.

    Also, regarding your friends, my understanding is over 30% of women with Implants need to have follow up surgery within the first year….and not all are “free fixes”, so they have to foot the bill and go through a second surgery in a year. :-(

  7. Sophia says:

    “If you’re in the habit of always finding fault with your body, you will never run out of faults to find. It’s a trap and breast augmentation won’t get you out of it.” Freaking well said! I couldn’t have said it better.
    I always feel so sad when women feel the need to disfigure themselves in order to attract men. But sometimes it’s in order to boost their own confidence…which makes me sadder because there are so many things that define you more than your bra size! (ps. besides…big boobs really freak me out. Natural is best!)

  8. AnnQ says:

    Sophia – I actually know someone who got Implants for her former boyfriend (who was a total jerk) because he always told her she needed them.

    What a mistake. Any man I know agrees that if a guy is telling someone that, then they should just lose that guy ASAP.

    And it’s true about it being the wrong avenue when doing it to attract men…it really does attract the lower common denominator of guys.

  9. Kelly says:

    I think Christopher made an excellent point – as good as (some) breast implants look, they’re just not the same.

    I must say, I’ve never felt any pressure to have bigger breasts. Quite the opposite, in fact: as a fashion devotee and a former ballet dancer, I’ve always thought of flat chests as far more desirable.

  10. AnnQ says:

    It’s interesting how different groups of people value different body types….a Ballerina’s career would be over if she had a large chest (never mind the fact it would look ridiculously out of proportion).

    People definitely need to do what’s best for them, and should never make a decision to have surgery (and it *is* Surgery!) out of insecurity, or for someone else.

  11. TravisW says:

    I think men prefer ample breasts. Now ample is a subjective term and most men really run the gamut on what is “enough” if you are upgrading yourself in order to appeal to a certain type of man trust me you will get that attention. It will most likely be the attention you neither want or need.

    I will absolutely believe that advertising or media plays a role in this. I firmly believe the reason you have a generation of black men thinking that the white female is the pinnacle of beauty is because you never really saw healthy representations of any other ethnic beauty in America during the 60-70s.

    I do think that when a woman is “natural” it helps weed out the guys who are that shallow. If a man dates you because you have D cups he’s more than likely not worth your time. Don’t get me wrong D Cups are cool… it’s just that if you can’t see beyond it you really need help.

  12. Troy says:

    Well, I had a wife who was so determinded to have it done because she thought she needed it but in fact she was fine/beautiful as she was. She ended up blaming me, but all I was doing was to try and make her happy..

  13. carma says:

    what a well written uplifting (no pun intended) post. Just writing about my own perceived inadequacies on my blog today; surgery is not for me, but I can see how many women can succumb to the pressure.

  14. Lily says:

    I’ve always noticed that men who prefer large breasts are usually not very intelligent and lack class. They’re usually disrespectful pigs. I’m an A cup, and all the guys that have ever liked me were nice and intelligent. Not one of them told me I should get implants. I agree with the quality vs. quantity analogy. Yeah, I would probably get more guys wanting to “date” me, but they would probably be the low IQ’d guys I’ve never wanted to be with. The nice guys that I’ve always attracted wouldn’t want anything to do with me:(

    Go on any thread about big breasts vs. small. I’ve honestly have only seen one decent comment from a guy who preferred big breasts. Any guy who prefers large are always very hurtful, mean, immature, and cruel on those threads, just like in real life. Girls with the enhanced and big boobs, you can definitely have them!

  15. John says:

    Well I had a wife who was so stuck on herself and needed the attention, so she wanted them even though she was already great looking she got them. A year later she had them removed because she felt they were to big and so did I. So now I’m, out about $12,000. Women should just be happy with who they are and if the guy does’nt like it to bad.

  16. Moona says:

    Hmmm, I often feel that I would be better off as a female peacock; no pressure, no unrealistic expectation, no competition – all of that stuff is left to the guys! – and only choosing for me! When it boils down to it, I feel humiliated trying to “live up” to these stupid expectations. After all, under natural circumstances, I think, that women in the human species should, and I stress should, have mate choice. However, because we live and breed in our artificial environments, here you have women competing with other women for men – and thus the pressure to look like these grotesque, breast-implanted sized 0 barbie dolls made of plastic yuck. Firstly, no woman, under natural conditions, is a size zero and has D-breasts size – this only is an illusion created for men who watch too much porn. Fat can not be targeted – it spreads out. I do agree that every person, genetically, has particular fat reservoirs – that is to say, that generally, their fat accumulates in a particular area(ass, breasts, etc) HOWEVER, they will also have fat that spreads out. Look at marilyn minroe – she does not have a flat stomach but has a small gutt and a generous bust – which is normal and natural.

  17. Sandra says:

    When you see pictures of ruptured and waste implants you realize how disgusting they really are. I’m all for women who need surgery for aesthetic reasons after cancer but not for pure vanity over their natural form. Go to this site http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php to retrain your mind about what the natural female form actually looks like.

    The reproduction of the female form has done a disservice to both men and women and their relationships. Women are not meant to be competitors. By reproducing the female form for men to admire, real women feel insecure. It is inevitable. Men are designed to compete for women – with strength, with confidence, bravery and all the other attributes men have which we admire. Women are designed to bring up children and care for others, to keep the family unit – if there is another female which gets the attention of her man whether it is imaginary or not it unsettles the women with feelings of insecurity that the man may leave, and this has led to clothes, fashion, makeup, plastic surgery, weightloss in order for the women to feel secure and to keep her man. I know this sounds rather sexist but in reality it is true and natural behaviour. Women invest more than a man into a relationship physically – to have a child is demanding on the body and the woman needs a man to help which is why we have concealed ovulations, to keep the man with her, to create a bond so the man helps with the childrearing. The man works, creates a home to entice a women to live with him – because while she is with him, he can be assure the offspring will be his.

    Women enticing men with their looks/sex will only lead to disaster and has in many ways. The men have no reason to stay with a woman, the woman does terrible things to herself to keep herself looking good for fear the man will leave if she doesn’t.

    The media has created a monster and men and women are paying for it everyday in relationships that are constantly fighting against each other and society just to stay together and happy.

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