Five reasons why women cheat

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Although people often stereotype men as philanderers and women as the victims of their cheating, this isn’t always an accurate depiction of each Sex.  With an estimated 50% of women having committed some act of Infidelity, many men want to know what makes a woman to cheat?

Here are five of the reasons women may stray:

1. Lack of Intimacy – Women need to feel emotionally connected to their partners, and this goes way beyond what sex can provide. Do something romantic for no reason.  Spend some quality time together.  Women also like communicating (like you used to when you first started dating), and we can’t forget cuddling and kissing.

2. Feeling neglected / under appreciated - Despite women being the Primary Breadwinners in 30% of U.S. Households, women are also generally acting as the primary babysitter/errand-runner/grocery shopper/housekeeper.  If she’s starting to feel more like the Maid than your wife/girlfriend, there’s an issue.

Be sure to thank her for what she does around the house.  And please make time to do your share.

If you need any additional encouragement, I should also note women not only feel more satisfied in relationships where their significant other does housework, women also report being aroused when they see their husbands/boyfriends helping out. (CNN) Giddy-up!

3. Not enough Sex – Women want to feel wanted, and they want to be wanted by you.  A woman doesn’t want to feel as though sleep is more important to you than sex is with her.  Everyone’s overworked and stressed, but don’t let life stressors get in the way of letting her know how hot you think she is and getting it on with her.

If you’re not having sex nearly as often as you used to, women will sometimes assume it’s because you don’t want them as much as you used to, whether it’s true or not.  Ask her out on a date, send her an R-rated text in the middle of the day, and be sure and make time for sex.

4. Revenge – With 50% of men cheating, there’s bound to be some women who actually find out about it.  She may want to get back at you and give you a taste of your own medicine, as well as prove to you (and maybe herself) she can get another man if she wants.

Ideally, you wouldn’t have cheated so you wont have this issue.  However, if you did, you may want to suggest couples therapy to get to the root of why you strayed, and hopefully you can both deal with things in a more constructive manner.

5. She doesn’t feel attractive – If you rarely tell your girlfriend/wife how great she looks, no matter what you may think she needs and wants to hear compliments. To be perfectly blunt, if you don’t give them to her, she’s going to find someone else who does. Maybe not right away, but it will happen. Period.

The solution is pretty simple….just tell her she looks good once in a while.  If you like how her butt looks in a pair of jeans or you think her hair looks sexy, tell her. Trust me – she’s dying for you to tell her.


12 Responses to “Five reasons why women cheat”
  1. JackieK says:

    it’s so true — women (and men) NEED to feel appreciated!

  2. Jill says:

    I’ve been in relationships before that are compliment-free, and it’s brutal. As a woman, you’re always wondering WHY isn’t he telling me I look good? You feel silly for wanting compliments so badly, but it’s completely normal to tell each other why you’re so into the other person….

    Someone who’s stingy with compliments is also generally emotionally stingy. NO need for those people in our lives!

  3. AnnQ says:

    JackieK – it’s true…..people seem to take the person they’re with for granted, but you can’t take anything for granted (job, health) and still expect to get good results, so why would we think we can do it with the people we love?

  4. AnnQ says:

    Jill – I was in one of those relationships one time, too, and it was rough. I agree – people in love are supposed to tell each other why they think you’re so fabulous (every other relationship I’ve had has been filled with compliments, so I really didn’t know what to make of that one!).

    All I knew was it didn’t feel good, so I got out. :-)

  5. This is really powerful stuff, Ann. Great post.

  6. Mandy says:

    Yes, I’ve been in relationships where nearly all of the above applied. Thankfully I didn’t settle and waited until a wonderful man entered my life and luckily, he wanted to marry me. Even after seven years, he gives me compliments every day (even when I don’t think I deserve them!) With all that he does for me, it makes me want to do more for him. I don’t mind serving him dinner when he cleans the dishes afterwards. I don’t mind taking care of our daughter when he comes home and spends some quality time with us or gladly watches her so I can take a break or exercise. It’s definitely a PARTNERSHIP in everything you do. If more couples would be “partners” to each other instead of one trying to dominate the other, then I think you’d see more lasting relationships.

  7. AnnQ says:

    Thanks, Kel !

  8. AnnQ says:

    Mandy – I think one of the worst things people can do is get Married because “it’s time” or they’re lonely and afraid….not holding out for the right person is never good, and you usually get what you’ve settled for.

  9. You are right on. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Men tend to get all lazy & settled into a relationship because they think they’ve put in the work they needed to. Truth is, both sides have to continue to be aware of the other’s needs and put forth the effort!!!
    Great Post, Ann!!!

  10. sophia says:

    Totally agree with the “revenge” part…Never mess with a woman scorned. lol.

  11. Travis Williams says:

    Maybe it’s me but this seems like a reason why people cheat. I could see myself being in the position to look elsewhere for the same reasons you state.

    @Conquer: Ladies get lazy too. Especially when you treat them very well. They expect the superlative as the norm and become more demanding.

    @Ann: To me this sounds like a list of reasons and no excuses. I mean I would expect there to be at least one entry in the top ten that sounds a lot like “Because she has no morals”.

  12. AnnQ says:

    You’re absolutely right….that’s why it’s titled “Five Reasons Why Women Cheat” and not “Five Excuses Women Give for Cheating” :-)

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