Funny Banned Commercial

This is a pretty funny banned commercial.

But be warned – It’s Offensive! (I mean, they’re not going to ban it for nothing, right?)

(but still funny)

banned commercial


8 Responses to “Funny Banned Commercial”
  1. Christopher says:

    That’s my new favorite song!

  2. susans says:

    OH MY GOD! That’s so funny. And I agree w/ Christopher – that song is totally stuck in my head now. LOL

  3. sophia says:

    lmao. I wonder what my dad (a pastor) would say if I ever played this in the car…

  4. AnnQ says:

    Sophia – LOL! Now that would be quite a scene :-)

  5. AnnQ says:

    Christopher and SusanS – I’ll let you both know where you can pick up a copy when I find out ;-)

  6. TravisW says:

    I seen this commercial before and I gotta say I agree with the core message.

  7. AnnQ says:

    Travis – OMG…you made me laugh LOUDLY! I think I scared my two dogs. LOL!

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