Get drunk at Burger King?

Hold on to your paper Crowns, ladies and gents. To keep up with Miami night life, Burger King is opening a ‘Whopper Bar’ in South Beach next month.
The new bar will offer American beer and Whoppers around the clock, staying open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
(Awesome. Giving drunk people in SoBe a [...]

Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Several years ago, a friend landed a great job at a Wall Street firm right out of college.  While she was working there, she met another employee who was a good looking, successful guy originally from Australia.
They started dating and seeing each other most every day and night.  After they’d been together for eight months, [...]

Elephant and Dog – Best Friends

At an Elephant Sanctuary, which also happens to be home to stray dogs, a dog and an elephant became inseperable best friends.
My favorite part is what the elephant does when his best buddy gets injured…. so heart-warming!
(when the announcer says “If they can get along, world, why can’t we?” is a little – okay, a lot [...]

Is two weeks long enough to Date before getting Engaged?

An acquaintance who’d been looking to get married for some time was at a Charity dinner and met a great woman who he felt an immediate chemistry with. 
They spent every day and night together going to dinner and getting to know each other, and two weeks after they met, he Proposed.  And she said ‘Yes’. [...]

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery – Too much?

As all of the Gossip News sites and magazines have been reporting since yesterday, the 23 year old star of ‘The Hills’ has gone on a plastic surgery bender, getting ten (yes, ten) plastic surgical procedures in one day.
What did she have done?  We might be here for less time if we list off what [...]

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