iPhone App helps Cheaters hide Affairs (and how to catch a Cheater)


An iPhone app launched in February 2010 has the ability to help cheaters hide their dirty deeds.

How does it work?

Users are able to set a time limit on how long a text they send can hang around after it has been read. When that time’s been exceeded, the message disappears from the recipient’s phone, the sender’s phone and any servers.  The test message can’t be forwarded or  stored anywhere, either.

I should also point out the name of this iPhone app is TigerText (the company swears the name was already decided before the Tiger Woods sex scandal, and they decided just to keep it anyhow).

Basically, it works like this — if a woman sends her secret boyfriend a message via TigerText, her boy toy will be prompted to install the app. When he installs it, he can read the message, but can’t keep it. In fact the message is never actually sent to his phone — it’s stored on Tiger Text’s servers.

After the timespan that the woman specified has elapsed — anywhere from one minute to five days — the message just disappears.

This next one sounds a little ‘Mission Impossible’ to me, but apparently there’s even a “Delete on Read” setting, which counts down from 60 after it’s opened, and erases the text at zero.

For those of us who are truly Fidelity Challenged, the “Delete History” option also wipes any evidence of a given phone call. No residual suspicious numbers, taking away the chance of getting snagged when your significant other goes through your phone while you’re in the shower.

The Founder’s theory is “People text like they talk, and some of the things they say, taken out of context, can come back to haunt them.”

While he admits the app might also be a popular with teens who in the habit of sexting, drunk-texting, or “running off at the thumb,” he thinks lawyers and their clients, or business executives involved in a private deal will be more interested.

I agree with the founder, although I also think it’ll also get used by people living in an Ethical-free Zone looking for one more way to cover their tracks.

As someone who was previously married to a Cheater, don’t forget — you can also use technology to your advantage to catch a Cheater! :-)

Although there are LOTS of things which can work to find out what someone is really up to when you’re not around, one thing which worked very well for me was a Digital Voice Recorder.

Since my ex worked from home (while I was in an office during the day), I had no idea what kinds of things he was really doing all day.  I’d never suspected anything, until he stopped letting me see his Credit Card statements, and would “disappear” for hours at a time.  Since talking to him directly didn’t result in what sounded like the truth (don’t we usually just know on some level when we’re being lied to?),  what I started to do was leave a voice-activated Digital Recorder in his Home Office while I was away…..which is how I found out he was seeing other women at night and on weekends.

To be completely transparent, these are affiliate links, and I might receive compensation if you purchase something (so please let me say Thank You in advance!). However, please know I’ll only recommend something I think has the potential to help you improve the quality of your life.  Also, please do not spend any money unless you feel it’s for a product which will help you reach your goals and effectively find the truth.

As far as the recorder, if I hadn’t gotten the information I needed from putting it in his Office, the next place I was going to put it was in his car.  I figured, this is also where a lot of people have private conversations they don’t want anyone else to hear.

Despite the possibility of sounding completely paranoid – SO not my intention!  I just think people deserve to know what’s going on if someone isn’t being honest – is there’s an awful lot of other devices to help you find out what your Significant Other is doing …..anything from items on the higher-end, like super-cool  hidden cameras with built-in DVRs to a very James Bond-y GPS Tracker (to know where they’ve been), to the more simple – but still effective! – Semen Testing Kit, where you can find out if there’s leftover semen on their clothes.  Okay, the last one is a little gross, I know….but there’s a really cool Demonstration on how it works, which I highly recommend watching.

Even though a lot of these seem overly-sneaky, I think it’s better to have peace of mind.  I know I was oddly relieved when I FINALLY found out I wasn’t completely crazy or making things up in my head!  And even if I’d been wrong – and I wish I had been – at least the recorder would’ve brought me some peace of mind, and helped me sleep better at night.  :-)

P.S. I hope these devices only prove you have nothing to worry about….isn’t that what we all really want anyhow?


12 Responses to “iPhone App helps Cheaters hide Affairs (and how to catch a Cheater)”
  1. John says:

    I think this is going to open a nasty can of worms. With technology today, it’s already easy to get away with cheating. I don’t think anyone needs any more help.

    From a business perspective I think it’s a great idea.

  2. susans says:

    I agree with John. I think in business it’s a great idea. But it’s pretty messed up to use it to hide something from your partner.

  3. What will they think of next. Damn…it’s raining…off topic, but I don’t have an iPhone.

  4. THIS IS ridiculous. Seriously. All I can say is if your sig. other gets this app, you outta make them sleep in the dog house. literally. there are no boundaries anymore. I do love the name of the app however, as the FIRST thing i thought of was tiger when i saw your headline!!!!

  5. I think this is 487 different kinds of WRONG.

  6. Secretia says:

    Hear they are like saying cheating is OK, so don’t get caught.
    “There’s an APP for everything”

    I’m app to throw out any iphone in the house right now!


  7. carma says:

    now there’s a useful app – NOT!

  8. carma says:

    if the people who come up with “useful apps” such as this could use their brain power to oh, say, cure cancer – what a wonderful world it would be!

  9. Mandy says:

    Will the next iphone have an application that sends a message for your B-F-F to then go beat your guy over the head with a golf club? Hahahah, I could think of a lot of people who’d sign up for that app.

  10. serg says:


  11. Ann Snapper says:

    This is great information — I think the idea of an iPhone App for this sort of thing is absurd!

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