Six ways to stay Positive!


With the news reporting new job losses in the tens of thousands each month, and the economy not ‘rebounding’ as quickly as we’d all like, it can be difficult to stay upbeat.

Here are six ways to help you stay positive despite the bad news around us:

1. List what you’re thankful for – What works for me is to note five things I’m grateful for first thing in the morning and again right before I go to bed.  Sometimes I’ve written them down and kept a Gratitude Journal, and more often I list them out in my mind.

Doing this reminds you of what we have to be thankful for, and will help put you in a more positive state of mind.


2. Positive Quotes – Reading just one Positive Quote a day can help shift our focus and make us feel better.  You can even have them automatically sent to your email address at the site Positive Attitude and Quotes.


3. Upbeat friends – The people you surround yourself with have a direct impact on your mindset.  Be sure to surround yourself with positive people!  :-)   If you’re feeling down, having a conversation with an upbeat friend can help lift you up and feel better.


4. Don’t allow yourself to wallow – C’mon, you know what I mean.

Sometimes it’s easier – and feels strangely “good” – to let yourself throw your own pity party with the three Guests of Honor being Me, Myself and I.  Give yourself a time limit on these thoughts. Consciously say to yourself “I’m only going to allow five minutes to feel this way”.

Once those five minutes are up, this is where you need to just stop your train of thought from asking “Why is this happening to me?” and shift it to “What is this situation asking of me?”.

The first thought puts you in the Victim Role, the other puts you in more of a power position.  And doesn’t feeling more in control seem like a better place to be?  Hells, yeah it does!  :-D


5. Prove yourself wrong – What I mean is, if you start thinking you’re ugly, fat, not good at your job, etc, etc, etc, challenge those thoughtsForce yourself to remember why those thoughts are inaccurate. If you’re stuck thinking you’re unattractive, make yourself remember times other people found you very attractive or when you felt good about the way you looked. 

We lie to ourselves all the time when we’re feeling down – be sure and call yourself out on it and prove yourself wrong!


6. Don’t forget – If you believe things are never going to get better or you can’t get through an issue, think back to another challenging time in your life when you thought things would never change or improve.  Then remember how you managed to get through it, and how the hard time also passed.

Don’t let yourself believe you can’t get past a difficult time, because you absolutely can!  You have before, and you’re able to do it again.  :-)

Just remind yourself of this once in a while (trust me – we all forget and we all need the occasional reminder!).


With that, I’ll leave you with a quote I liked today:

No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit. – Helen Keller


12 Responses to “Six ways to stay Positive!”
  1. Christopher says:

    Great post. I think everyone can use a reminder how to stay upbeat with all the crap we see on the news. I can’t believe we lost another 200,000 jobs just last month! Yes, I definitely need to try and stay positive with that sort of news!

  2. JackieK says:

    I really like the idea of listing out what I’m thankful for. You’re right – it CAN be so easy to forget what we have going on that’s good in our lives and only focus on the negative.

    I’m absolutely going to do this on a daily basis, even if only once a day!

  3. AnnQ says:

    Christopher – I absolutely can be challenging to stay positive with all the negative news. I think it has to be a conscious decision we all make, otherwise we can get bogged down in all the muck.

  4. AnnQ says:

    Jackie – Fantastic! I think taking ten minutes to do it once a week is a great idea. :-)

  5. sophia says:

    I love them all, but especially #4 and #6. BEcause that’s my biggest weakness. I like to wallow in self-pity and despair, and also I CONSTANTLY forget how insignificant a lot of my petty problems are, and that I have already SO much to be thankful for, and that I’ve been through worse and survived!

  6. Ann this post is a perfect example of the #1 thing I love about this blog – it’s empowering!

    And I signed up for Positive Attitude Quotes straight away!

  7. AnnQ says:

    Good for you about signing up for the Quotes! (I have them sent to my email :-) )

    And thanks for saying my blog is empowering — that’s the nicest feedback! :-D

  8. AnnQ says:

    Sophia – Man, is it ever easy to let ourselves wallow! Good for you for remembering you have a lot to be thankful for, and that you’ve been through tougher times and survived! :-D

  9. LiLu says:

    Poor Helen Keller. I can’t hear her name now without thinking of that god awful song.

  10. Cristy says:

    This is a great post! I signed up for the Positive Attitude Quotes, too. And, I really love this: “What is this situation asking of me?” – what a great way to take control of a stressful situation! Thanks for the ideas. :)

  11. Ann, for some reason, you “fell off” my Google Reader! I’ve missed your writing! As always, another great post :)

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