Look Great Naked! (Part One)

Next to public speaking, there are few things which strike fear into people’s hearts as much as 1) Wearing a Bathing Suit, or 2) Being seen totally naked, especially in the daytime.


Interestingly, an Antonym to the word “Naked” on dictionary.com is “Protected”, which I think is a perfect example of how vulnerable most of us feel when being seen without any clothes.


So, since we’re all going to be seen naked by our Significant Others at some point (c’mon — you can’t hide under that cute terrycloth robe forever), let’s talk about how you can Look Great Naked, and improve your overall “Naked Confidence”.


1) Drink LOTS of Water – I know everyone and their mother says to do this, but that’s only because it really does make a difference.
Be sure to drink a minimum of eight 8-oz glasses of water every day (yup, even days when you’d rather have a Frappuccino  :-) ).


Staying hydrated reduces bloating and water retention, helps you keep in shape (your body can’t function properly without water), and makes your skin look great.  And don’t forget — when you’re not wearing any clothes, how your skin looks becomes pretty important.  ;-)


2) Get some Exercise – Okay, now I’m not talking about anything extreme (competing in Marathons and Ironmen aren’t required ;-) ).  But I do want you to do enough activity to stay (or become) healthy, get your metabolism moving and help you feel good about yourself!

If you’ve been inactive for a while, how about a walk after Dinner?  Or maybe riding your bike to the store instead of driving?  If you’re a more experienced athlete, my suggestion is to up the intensity of your workouts, or even just the frequency.  If you usually go three times a week, start going four or even five. Any of these things can help you look – and feel – more toned, which usually leads to more of that Naked Confidence we’re looking to build!  :-D



3) Stand up Straight – This one may not seem as obvious, but hear me out — I promise, it’ll make sense.  :-)

Good posture is a pretty basic thing that most of us forget about…..it improves circulation, keeps your joints healthy, and takes stress off your body’s ligaments and tendons, allowing them to stop fighting to maintain balance.


“Why does this matter?”, you might be asking yourself.


Well, we’re not here to just talk about making you look good on the outside.  I also want you to feel good on the inside!  :-)   Because although it’s tempting to only pay attention to how we look, when you start feeling better physically and mentally, you’re going to exude so much more confidence you’ll absolutely feel better with, or without, clothes on!


Okay, okay — if that’s not enough, here’s another reason……..standing up straight also makes you look five pounds thinner!  So you get to feel and look better?  Sounds like a Win to me!


Thanks for reading Part One of ‘Look Great Naked’!  Be sure to look for Part Two next week……now go home and get naked!  ;-)


3 Responses to “Look Great Naked! (Part One)”
  1. All great advice no matter where you are fitness-wise! That said, I cannot WAIT to start doing hard-core ab exercises after the baby gets here :)

  2. Elisa says:

    I LOVE that you started with water and followed with exercise, rather than diet – all 3 points in this list are great for health, not just weight loss. paying more attention to food intake is no doubt coming in part 2 ;-) , and it is also important for health, but while it is possible to eat fairly healthfully (albeit too much) and stay healthy but not lose weight, the 3 items above and MUSTs for good health. And always good reminders!!


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