Four Habits that pack on the Pounds

“I’m getting older” …..  “I’m too busy to work out” ….. ”I just have a slow Metabolism”


There are plenty of excuses reasons we all give for why we’re gaining weight.  However, a lot of why we’re really getting heavier is due to bad habits – ones we’ve learned (and unfortunately, perfected) over the years.  Here are a few behaviors you can change to stop gaining weight, and start getting healthier and feeling better!


Eating off larger Plates

Studies have shown people with the highest BMI almost always choose to eat from larger plates than their thinner counterparts. This is pretty bad for two reasons….


First, it tricks you into thinking there’s less food than there really is on your plate.  Second, you’re also able to fit more food onto a larger plate, which usually means more food in your tummy.


Not eating Breakfast

I know skipping a meal may seem like a good way to lose weight, but not eating breakfast actually increases your chances of being obese by almost 500% (five hundred!). Basically, this is a no-no for two reasons…..

One of the main reasons is it slows your Metabolism down, so anything you eat later in the day is burned off more slowly (su-per).

The next reason this is a no-no is it usually leaves people way too hungry, so they usually eat more later in the day, negating any ’skipped calories’.


Being a member of the Clean Plate Club

I know growing up some of you were told there were “starving children in Country XYZ”, so you need to eat all the food on your plate.  However, we usually have WAY more food than we need on our plates – especially if we’re at a restaurant.

What usually works better is to eat half of what we have in front of us, and save the rest for tomorrow’s Lunch.  Besides – it totally rocks to have those awesome leftovers to look forward to!




Not drinking enough Water

Enough water in our diets is important.  Really important.


Staying hydrated helps make sure our body functions properly in almost every way possible.  Additionally, drinking more water will help you feel more full, which usually results in eating less food at each meal.


Alrighty, now that you have some great tips on how to stay in healthy and in better shape, go out and have a big glass of water, while eating Breakfast off a small plate!  :-)


3 Responses to “Four Habits that pack on the Pounds”
  1. The large plate thing is so true! Whenever I need to lose a few pounds, I eat off a salad plate for a few meals, and it helps me get my portions back under control.

  2. Great post. I usually never post comments but I just had to for this. Remarkable advice! I have already been hunting for something similar to this for a long time now. Many thanks!


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