Seven things men want in a relationship

A few weeks ago, a single friend asked me what I thought men are looking for in relationships.  She wanted to know if all we want is sex and a beautiful woman.
Men are much deeper than you might think when it comes to what we want in relationships.  Granted, if what a guy’s  looking for [...]

What are men looking for on a First Date?

The other day, I was lured into a conversation about what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex.  As a result, I was asked to write a bit about what I guy might be looking for in a girl on their first date.
As you might imagine, I could probably fill this blog every [...]

What do men think about Breast Implants?

Perhaps its where I’m looking but it seems that wherever we look, we are barraged with images of thin Barbie-like models with large implanted breasts.
Although very thin bodies with large chests very rarely happen in real life, magazines, billboards, models, and Victoria’s Secret catalogs have made this body type the expected ideal. Even clothing ads [...]

A Guy’s Opinion: Why do men look at other Women?

You might be on a first date, out with your boyfriend or husband, or just hanging with your male friend when you notice him ogling another woman. His behavior may seem wrong in so many ways that you’re not sure if you can actually count them all.
As you’re watching him stare, your head may be [...]

Do Men want to get Married, or do they just give in to “pressure”?

The other day, a female friend asked me if men ever want to get married, or if they do it out of pressure from their families, girlfriends and Society.
She rattled off some answers women typically accept from boyfriends as to why they’re “not ready to Married just yet”, which was anything from her guy not [...]

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