Six ways to stay Positive!

With the news reporting new job losses in the tens of thousands each month, and the economy not ‘rebounding’ as quickly as we’d all like, it can be difficult to stay upbeat.
Here are six ways to help you stay positive despite the bad news around us:
1. List what you’re thankful for – What works for [...]

UCLA Students lend Baby Squirrel a Backpack

With all the stressful events going on in the world, I thought a few minutes of cuteness would be a nice – albeit short – break.
This five minute video was taken at UCLA, and is pretty damn high on the cute scale (I like the ’soundtrack’, too!).

Elephant and Dog – Best Friends

At an Elephant Sanctuary, which also happens to be home to stray dogs, a dog and an elephant became inseperable best friends.
My favorite part is what the elephant does when his best buddy gets injured…. so┬áheart-warming!
(when the announcer says “If they can get along, world, why can’t we?” is a little – okay, a lot [...]

Humane Society Survivor Story: Faye the Dog

This is a beautiful story of survival, love and amazing volunteers.
What struck me was, after everything, Faye still loves people….dogs have an amazing power to forgive.

Keeping in the puppy-spirit, here are my two snuggly, rescued Pit Bulls (for those of you who don’t know, Petey from the Little Rascals and the dog in FlashDance were [...]

Random Weekend Cuteness

I love this video of a baby duck who fell in love with a little puppy, especially when the pup lies down to sleep!

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen this one all over the Internet the last week or so…it’s just too adorable not to watch again.

On one hand, I feel sorry for this poor little [...]

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