Is Sex Addiction the new excuse for Cheating?

With everyone from David Duchovny to Jesse James to Tiger Woods getting snagged for sleeping with multiple partners and then running off to Sexual Addiction Rehab, the term ‘Sex Addict’ has gotten a lot of press lately.
Has claiming to be addicted to sex become to new “automatic out” for people who get caight cheating with [...]

Do you reach out for Help when Stressed?

“The Irish is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” Sigmund Freud
This quote is directly relevant to me, as I was brought up a good Irish girl in Massachusetts (and because I love that scene in The Departed…..but I digress).
I was raised with the understanding making it appear as though [...]

Does it matter how you Sleep in bed together?

I was reading an article about how the position you and your partner sleep at night matters.

Meaning, if you’re spooning, it means you’re very much in love and in synch with each other. And if you’re sleeping facing opposite directions, it means you want to smack each other.

(Okay, that’s not exactly what it said. [...]

Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Several years ago, a friend landed a great job at a Wall Street firm right out of college.  While she was working there, she met another employee who was a good looking, successful guy originally from Australia.
They started dating and seeing each other most every day and night.  After they’d been together for eight months, [...]

Is two weeks long enough to Date before getting Engaged?

An acquaintance who’d been looking to get married for some time was at a Charity dinner and met a great woman who he felt an immediate chemistry with. 
They spent every day and night together going to dinner and getting to know each other, and two weeks after they met, he Proposed.  And she said ‘Yes’. [...]

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