iPhone App helps Cheaters hide Affairs (and how to catch a Cheater)

An iPhone app launched in February 2010 has the ability to help cheaters hide their dirty deeds.
How does it work?
Users are able to set a time limit on how long a text they send can hang around after it has been read. When that time’s been exceeded, the message disappears from the recipient’s phone, the [...]

Do Double Standards still Exist?

Him: “There was a women on Howard Stern who was filming a Gang Bang with 1,000 guys. One thousand! That’s disgusting! What a gross whore.”
Her: “Sure, that’s gross. But let me get this straight – there’s one disgusting woman. There’s One Thousand disgusting guys.”
Him: Silence…..
Him: “Oh, man. I never thought [...]

New Ways to Wear a Condom

The Museum of Sex in NYC has a new exhibit titled “Rubbers: The Life, History and Struggle of the Condom”, which details the life and times of the condom.
As per the Museum’s promos, Ribbed, flavored, and studded, condoms have undergone a monumental transformation from their early linen incarnations to being practically customizable with sizes, shapes, [...]

Guy makes $7,000 Sex Robot for Lonely Dudes

Apparently sex by yourself with a bottle of Lubriderm and some Kleenex  just isn’t good enough for some guys.
An Inventor unveiled ‘Roxxxy’ last month at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
I should mention Roxxy is a sex doll.  But not just any run-of-the-mill sex doll. 
This sucker (pun intended) has a computer under her soft silicone [...]

Overweight Members kicked off Dating Site

I never knew a Dating / social networking site with the name BeautifulPeople.com actually existed until I read an article from the BBC.
Anyhow, after some of their members pigged-out over the Holidays and packed on a couple of pounds, the not-so-nice people over at Beautiful People decided it was time to cull the herd (so [...]

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