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This site is dedicated to discussing everything regarding Relationships, Sex, how to have a Healthy Diet, Exercise, and Current Events which concern all of us. We also answer specific relationship and sexual questions from a man’s perspective under A Guy’s Opinion.

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Relationships and Sex

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Ann works for a Fortune 50 Company as a Global Project Manager, and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology / Communications and Human Relations.  Before making her way into corporate america, she spent time counseling men and women as a volunteer counselor in a Domestic Violence Shelter.

For the last seven years, she’s been involved with her local animal shelter, which dedicates its time to rehabilitating abused and abandoned animals, getting them ready for a forever home.

Last year, Ann competed in her first Duathalon where she finished first in her age group, and also completed her first Half Marathon.  She currently lives in Connecticut with her boyfriend and two adorable dogs, Smidgeon and Molly.



Ingrid is a board certified holistic health counselor and the founder of Full Life Nutrition LLC.  She received her training at Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

She was inspired to start the company after several years following nutrition as a hobby and working with alternative health care practitioners to successfully resolve her own health challenges. Ingrid saw what a dramatic difference this made to her life and, as a result, wanted to help others improve their health and happiness too.

Ingrid lives in the northeast with her husband and adorable daughter.

A Guy’s Opinion

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Steve is a successful Entrepreneur, former Chief Technology Officer of a Fortune 500 Corporation, an amateur Triathlete, and is also currently in training for his first Marathon.  He lives in Connecticut with his wife of seven years and two beautiful children.


Vince is an Enterprise Architect for an Global airline in New York, and has a degree in Computer Science.  He works out six days a week, and completed his first half Marathon last year. Vince currently lives in Connecticut with his fabulous girlfriend Ann, and their two awesome, adopted dogs.