Four Habits that pack on the Pounds

“I’m getting older” …..  “I’m too busy to work out” ….. ”I just have a slow Metabolism”
There are plenty of excuses reasons we all give for why we’re gaining weight.  However, a lot of why we’re really getting heavier is due to bad habits – ones we’ve learned (and unfortunately, perfected) over the years.  Here [...]

Look Great Naked! (Part Two)

Alrighty….in our last article Look Great Naked (Part One) , we talked about drinking more water, increasing your exercise, and how important good posture is for your body and mind.  Now let’s go over a few other ways to look – and feel – fantastic without any clothes!
Compliment Yourself!  – Let’s be honest…….usually, we see [...]

Look Great Naked! (Part One)

Next to public speaking, there are few things which strike fear into people’s hearts as much as 1) Wearing a Bathing Suit, or 2) Being seen totally naked, especially in the daytime.
Interestingly, an Antonym to the word “Naked” on is “Protected”, which I think is a perfect example of how vulnerable most of us [...]

Summer Workouts with your Furry Friend

Summer officially started today – Hoorah!  That being said, a lot of you are getting – and staying – in shape running outside.  And what better way to enjoy the weather? (aside from lying on the beach, of course )
Since our four-legged friends need exercise, too – especially after being cooped-up in the [...]

Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Even though you often hear it’s the ‘most important meal of the day’, it also seems to be the meal people are most likely to miss.  Or sometimes people want to eat breakfast, but they just don’t think they have enough time in the morning.
And while breakfast is one of those meals I always eat, [...]

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